So You Want to Sell Stuff with TopatoCo

Hey TopatoCo, who can sell stuff with you?

Anyone doing interesting, creative work, with a strong brand identity and a devoted audience. We’re talking cartoonists, bloggers, podcasters, musicians, authors, makers… just be good at what you do and have people love you for it.

We are known for publishing T-shirts, but we also publish other apparel items, books, gifts & baubles of various sorts, and weirdo things that we think are interesting.

How do you choose clients?

Typically we keep our eyes peeled for interesting people doing interesting stuff and say “Hey! Do you want more stress in your life? How about becoming a SMALL BUSINESSPERSON?” and when they weep “No, please, take this cup from me” we offer to help them out.

In other words, most TopatoCo clients are people we choose ourselves based on their high quality of work, the existing audience they’ve cultivated, and how well they match our brand. Each of these three things is as important as the others, and often we turn down submissions that simply don’t fit with what we’re doing here. This is not a one-size-fits-all muffler-repair shop, this is an art.

Well, no. It’s a business. But ideally it is a sustainable business, which means we can’t take everyone or even very many people at all. You have to trust us here.

Okay, so how do I get your attention then?

First, do good work! Second, build an audience that will die if it does not get to give you massive amounts of money. If we think you are a good fit, we will find you.

But if you’ve done all that and we still haven’t busted down your door, you can feel free to fill out the form below.

What else should I know about your selection process?

We only add a handful of clients a year.

We never take on new clients between August and December, we are just too busy.

It helps a lot if you have an existing track record of sales. In fact, it's basically the determining factor.

Let us restate the above in a different way: Most of our clients are people who sell so much stuff that they need a new and more efficient way to produce and fulfill their popular products. That is where we pick up the slack. If you have never sold anything before, we are much less likely to want to take a risk on you. That is just not how our business is designed to operate. Do not take it personally!

As a bare minimum benchmark, if you are not getting 100,000 unique visitors per month to your website then save us both the trouble and come back to this form at a later date.

That being said...

If you read all that and were like, “Yes, I understand why they have to say all that but none of it applies to me, I am exactly what TopatoCo needs,” please fill put all the requested information below into an email and send it to malki [at] topatoco [dot] com:

• Your name, email address, website

• Some URLs that show good examples of whatever you’re known for

• Some kind of website/popularity metric or statistic (uniques/month and pageviews/day are good ones)

• Have you ever sold stuff online before?

• If yes: how many units sold per month? (or other useful metric)

• Anything else we should know about your thing (optional)

• Please include URLs to some t-shirt designs you want to sell (optional, but at least one is encouraged)

Someone will get back to you within 10 business days. Thanks!