TopatoCo Privacy Policy

At TopatoCo, we HATE it when people sell our information. We won’t do that. We will not sell any of your information to anyone, no matter how much money they offer us. We also hate lengthy legal privacy policies that you don’t even bother reading, because it’s so long and all the words are stupid. Here’s our simplified privacy policy.

  1. Since it is a website, this website will put some cookies on your computer, to remember information, so your computer can remember what’s going on with this thing.
  2. We don’t keep your credit card information here. All we keep is your name and address, and phone number if you provide it. If you want us to get rid of those, just ask us.
  3. Celebrity likenesses are used for the purposes of satire and commentary, and should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind by the individual depicted. Character marks are also used only in parody or commentary.
  4. Sometimes little children look at this site, and we won’t knowingly keep their information or sell it to anyone either.
  5. Really, that’s pretty much it.

If you have any questions or comments about anything, contact us at:

support [at] topatoco [dot] com
14 Industrial Pkwy
Easthampton MA 01027