Dispatches From Wondermark Manor: The Compleat Trilogy
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Dispatches From Wondermark Manor: The Compleat Trilogy

    ONCE EVERY GREAT WHILE, usually after a particularly hearty swig of coot-barrel moonshine (brewed the old-fashioned way -- by my servants in a marble bath-tub), I find myself digging through the old oaken bureau and extracting my late uncle’s great, thick key-ring from beneath mouldy mounds of old maps and tobacco-straws and spiked corsets. Without particularly intending to, I have on occasion let idle curiosity drift me slowly through the halls of the East Wing, where I may carefully try a key or three against the many rooms that have remained locked for the entirety of my residency.

    On each attempt, I would try three keys in each of three doors. I suppose I could have stood there shoving scores of keys into dozens of locks all the day long until one gave way, but such a cold method seemed wholly devoid of charm. I preferred to believe that my spare selection invited Fate to intervene, should she decide to do so. I would never make an empirical study of the many keys on the ring, full of check-lists and calipers and abacusi and no doubt one of Babbage’s clanging pornography-engines rolled into my front garden; rather, I enjoyed prolonging the mystery for as long as Fate deemed appropriate, believing that which-ever door (if any) might open on this day, that it purposefully led to something she would have me find…



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    Victorian adventure -- an era full of top-hatted intrigue, dirigibles galore, all-too-demure sensuality and completely unironic classism. Altogether too normal. Now there's an antidote: Dispatches from Wondermark Manor, a rollicking, absurd, completely ridiculous humor novel from the author of the celebrated comic strip "Wondermark."

    Taking the tropes of Conan Doyle-style adventure fiction and ramping them way over the top, Malki's story brings together:

    • Ghosts
    • Airships
    • High society intrigue
    • Old men in salt barrels
    • Horses that cannot fly
    • Frightful moustaches aplenty
    • Cheese handling as an artform
    • General bad decisions, and
    • Casual mass murder
    All in a stunningly-designed package evocative of the grandest pulp style. Praised by many for its strangeness and wonder, and originally only available in long out-of-print chapbooks, Dispatches from Wondermark Manor is offered here for the very first time in a complete omnibus edition, including all three volumes of the novels plus a separate prologue originally published in Beards of our Forefathers, plus three brand-new hand-drawn maps of the locales in the story!

    Buy with confidence! This edition is guaranteed at least 48% opium-free by law.

    Book Info: 502 pages, softcover, 5.5" x 8.5", well over a pound in weight. This thing could murder a man.

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