Tweet Me Harder: Hey World Here Are Some Suggestions
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Tweet Me Harder: Hey World Here Are Some Suggestions

    The world's first, best, only and last talkback-enabled interactive audio podblast! Tweet Me Harder is Kris Straub and David Malki ! harnessing the power of the internet every week, crafting an interactive comedy talk show that thousands have enjoyed since the days of Noah. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or visit for show updates!

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    In this, the first ten hours of Tweet Me Harder, painstakingly transcribed into textual form and exhaustively annotated, illustrated, and indexed, you will find absolutely-flawless answers to many of life's common questions, including:

    Are chicken bones rated as a building material? (p. 60)

    Why does Garfield hate Mondays? It's not like he has a job. (p. 97)

    Why is my comb-over only fooling myself, and even then, only from the front? (p. 206)

    Which hand do I poop with, and which do I throw phones at my friends with? (p. 258)

    These and literally another question are answered within, to a satisfaction rating of 4.553 on the Sandford Satisfaction Scale (patent rejected due to stains on the application).

    Book Info: 294 pages; softcover; 6" x 9"

    Disguise Mode: In this age of vanished privacy, perhaps you have reasons to shield what you are reading from prying eyes? You do not have to tell us why you need it, but for the interested, we discreetly offer this book in Disguise Mode, which includes a handsome book jacket that makes it appear you are reading an important book about Russian history.

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