Tweet Me Harder Complete Thumb Drive
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Tweet Me Harder Complete Thumb Drive

    Is the safest house to live in a submarine that dives into a lake when I enter? Are diamonds really made from ground-up corpses? What can David's mom reveal about his history selling 'bitten beans'? And was Minnie Mouse really giving sexual signals to a young, impressionable Kris?

    For 76 episodes, Tweet Me Harder took listeners on a wild journey into the imaginations of Kris Straub and David Malki ! -- and now, the entire run of the beloved, iTunes Staff Favorite podcast is available in permanent plastic form!

    Add the set of 3 TMH Sketchbooks for $20 more?
    We're running a little low on this, better order now!


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    This thumb drive contains:

    Over 80 hours of talkin'

    All podcast episodes have been remastered for consistent audio quality

    Music, including the theme song variants and all raps by Kris, David, and Fake Stan Lee

    Promos, bumpers, site graphics, and miscellany of interest

    The complete book Hey World Here Are Some Suggestions in PDF form (including Laika's Children book disguise)

    Video of the five live shows across the US, plus a few other videos of show recordings

    And two brand new episodes -- a book jacket behind-the-scenes chat, and a compilation of the warmup game Everybody Dies (not online anywhere)!

    This 16GB thumb drive is a good thing to have in case the internet breaks and the podcast archives are lost forever.

    Actual iTunes listener review: "When Kris and David get off on a jag on some ludicrous entrepreneurial idea, whether about wind-tunnel-based hair-replacement systems, variable-configuration clothing maintained by spiders, or simply a special radio to talk to schizophrenics -- this show is golden."

    You can also listen to the archives at!

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