So You Want to Return/Exchange Something

You Goofed Up, TopatoCo. Shame on You.

If we made a mistake filling your order—something that occasionally happens when you have real humans doing things—please let us know by submitting a support ticket. Once we've confirmed your ticket, we'll apologize about a million times and then ship the correct thing back to you as fast as we can, along with a paid return shipping label. When that arrives, you can use the prepaid shipping label to send the mistaken item back to the warehouse and we can put all this silliness behind us.

Uh-Oh, I Ordered The Wrong Thing and Want the Right Thing Instead

If you goofed, we'll be happy to exchange the right thing for the original item, as long as it's unwashed, unmolested, un-covered in cat hair or smoke and otherwise brand new, and less than six months old. Unfortunately, you've got to take care of the shipping.

How you do this:

  1. Pay reshipping/restock fee. If you're exchanging one shirt from a 3-pack, this is $5 domestic/$10 international--otherwise, you're going to have to pay your original shipping cost. You can find out how much you originally paid by logging in and checking your order history, by checking your email confirmation, or by filling out a support ticket and asking us.

    You can pay the reshipping fee via check, money order, cleverly concealed cash, or (preferably) by clicking on this button:

  2. Print out your receipt or order confirmation (you can find one in your email, the other in your order history - please make sure that your order number is clearly visible somewhere), and write us a short note explaining what you'd like us to do. For example: "I ordered a Ladies Doctor Monkey shirt in Medium, but I actually need a Men's Medium." It's also helpful if you include your name and/or email address.

    So, to recap: Order number, instructions, name, email address.

  3. Put that information, along with the item(s) you're exchanging and (if you haven't paid electronically) some form of payment into a package and mail it to:

    TopatoCo Returns
    14 Industrial Parkway
    Easthampton, MA 01027

  4. Please be patient when dealing with returns and exchanges. We'll try and do our best to get your new package out as soon as possible, but because our warehouse stock is in constant flux, it may take a few weeks to sort things out. This is, again, why we STRONGLY encourage checking our size charts before you order!

I Ordered This But Am Having Second Thoughts

To return something for a refund, it needs to look like it did when we shipped it to you (unwashed, unmolested, etc), and you need to have received it less than three months ago (90 days). If it weighs more than it did when we sent it on account of the cat hair, please refrain.

If your item fits both those criteria, pop it in a package along with a note that includes your name, email address, and order number, and send it to:

TopatoCo Returns
14 Industrial Parkway
Easthampton, MA 01027

Unfortunately, shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

That's everything we can think of so far. As always, if you have any questions about the policy or you need some more help, please visit the Support Desk and open up a Support Ticket.